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Main Sectors, Products and Services


The traditional crops are: corn, bean, tomato, chili, potato, vegetables and watermelon.

High production levels also have been reached in the fruit culture, mainly in fruits like: mango, avocado and citric fruits, foreseeing a short-term promising future.

Livestock Raising

Due to the frequent droughts and the water shortage that characterize the sub region and the state in general; the cattle activity has faced big problems. Nevertheless, some production has been achieved in sectors like cattle, goat, swine and poultry raising.


The industry is completely incipient; processing products of the sea is the only one existing in the region through Compañía de Productos Marinos, S. de R.L. whose activity is the carving, canning, reduction and frosting of different marine species.

Fish Farming

In spite of their enormous marine resources potential along its entire coast, the fishing activity has not been sufficiently exploited. The most important captured species are: tuna, skipjack tuna, shark, fresh water fishing and scales.


The whole commercial activity of the Municipality is centralized in San José del Cabo and San Lucas Cape, being the main sale products: electric articles, construction materials, dressing garments and diverse objects of typical municipality artcraft as attraction for the national and foreign tourists.


The take off of the tourist activity took place since the 70´s in the whole state with the construction of the Transpeninsular highway and San José del Cabo and Loreto international airports. Larger lodging facilities of tourist quality were also created in San José del Cabo. That is why this is the most privileged sector, if we also consider its varied natural attractiveness of an unquestionable beauty, its climate and its natural tourist vocation and being surrounded by two seas that wash its coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés.

San Lucas Cape and San José del Cabo are the cities that form the tourist corridor of Los Cabos. Their beaches and reefs have given them international fame besides their tourist infrastructure that is prepared to offer a special service to the national and foreign tourist.

The international flights, the marine transport, the hotel infrastructure, and the kindness of their residents offer the comfort of the necessary rest for the tourist.

In their quiet waters, commercial fishing as well as of the Dorado, the Marlin, boats and sailing competitions and international tournaments are carried out.


In order to offer a better attention and service to their visitors the service area has all the necessary factors already set either by sea, ferryboat, highway or international airports. The services are also offered through the already installed infrastructure of restaurants, hotels (approximately 6,500 hotel rooms), bars, trailers, trailer parks, travel agencies, renting of boats for sport fishing, cars, bus terminals, Red Cross, Green Angel, residential division, condominiums, night centers, bars and discos, among others.


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