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Los Cabos municipality has a varied natural attractiveness of an unquestionable beauty, its climate and its natural tourist vocation and being surrounded by two seas that wash its coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés.

San Lucas Cape and San José del Cabo are the cities that form the tourist corridor of Los Cabos. Their beaches and reefs have given them international fame besides their tourist infrastructure that is prepared to offer a special service to the national and foreign tourist.

The international flights, the marine transport, the hotel infrastructure, and the kindness of their residents offer the comfort of the necessary rest for the tourist.

In its quiet waters, commercial fishing as well as the Dorado, the Marlin, boats and sailing competitions and international tournaments are carried out.

In its quiet waters commercial fishing and international fishing tournaments of the Dorado, the marlins are held as well as sailing competitions.

Places of Tourist interest

San Lucas Cape and San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo is a beautiful calm and traditional city that has natural and cultural attractiveness, besides having exclusive restaurants, galleries and artcraft stores. On the other hand, it contrasts with San Lucas Cape with its beautiful beaches, exciting night life, restaurants, discos, the best golf fields in the country and a great quantity of recreational places, being the jewel of this peninsula.

The so called Costa de Oro, which borders are constantly washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés, is a tourist destination of international level in which these two cities are the main characters.

You will be able to practice golf and fishing, although these are not the only activities, due to aquatic sport, which are widely available the whole year round in the waters of the Sea of Cortés. Also sailing and boat trips are two popular hobbies and for those that like the marine safari, navigating around Los Cabos is a personal experience.

This corridor gathers Los Barriles, Buena Vista, Cabo Pulmo, Los Frailes, La Rivera y Punta Colorada beaches. And their admirable resorts on the sea offer all the services for fishing practice.

The prices vary according to the season in which this destination is visited.

Cabo del Este

This is a beautiful tourist corridor that has beaches, mountains, piers and important hotels and services infrastructure in which villages and summer residences have also been built. They are spread along Las Palmas Bay. In order to arrive to this beautiful place you can make it by land or by air from Los Barriles aerodrome or from San José del Cabo airport. Its reference points are: north, Punta Pescadero and south Pulmo Cape and Los Frailes a bit more under the Tropic of Cancer.

Its main attractiveness is sport fishing and it is already recognized at international level as The World Capital of the Marlin with a fleet of over 200 crafts that arrives here every year in search of the yearned trophies: marlin, Dorado, roosterfish, swordfish and billfish. The best season for fishing is from May to October. You will also be able to enjoy the practice of nautical activities as windsurfing, diving, delta skiing and kayaking. On the contrary, if you prefer you can practice mountain biking, horse riding, walking and birds and flora watching among other activities that are all part of the relaxation that this corridor offers.

Marine Pulmo Cape Park

This Park is a protected natural area (ANP) for being the habitat of the only coral reef that exists in this section of the eastern part of the North American Pacific Ocean.

It constitutes a true paradise for fans of scuba and free diving with 17 sites to develop this activity due to the excellent visibility of their temperate waters in which we guarantee exciting encounters with multicolored fish, pelagic species and mammals of the Sea of Cortés such as: whale shark, hammerhead shark, dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and hunchback whales among others.

In the village there are small hotels and ecotourism cabins besides an exquisite restaurant service.

Night life

San José del Cabo Town
Address: Mijares Blvd.
Telephone: 2 04 99

La Escala Bar
Address: Mijares Blvd.

Piso 2
Address: Zaragoza

La Cantina
Address: Westin Regina Hotel
Telephone: 2 90 00

Tropicana del Cabo
Address: Marina No. 30 Blvd.
Turn: Telephone: 2 09 07

Iguana Bar
Address: Marina No. 24 Blvd.
Telephone: 2 02 66

Dirección:. Mijares Blvd
Telephone: 2 16 94

Bones Disk
Address: Intercontinental President Hotel
Telephone: 2 02 11

San Lucas Cape
No Name Cafe
Address: Lázaro Cardenas Blvd.
Telephone: 3 48 28

La Concepción
Address: Cabo San Lucas Marina
Telephone: 3 49 63

Kokomo Cape
Address: Marina Giro Blvd.
Telephone: 3 06 00
Hard Rock Café

Address: Plaza Bonita Mall
Telephone: 3 37 79

The Squid Roe
Address:Lázaro Cardenas
Telephone: 3 06 55

Gigglin Marlin
Address: Matamoros and Marina Blvd.
Telephone: 3 11 82

Carlos & Charlies
Address: Club Marina
Telephone: 3 21 80

Wabo Cape
Address: Vicente Guerrero
Telephone: 3 11 88

El Bolero
Address: Lázaro Cardenas and Zaragoza
Telephone: 3 33 50

Seafood Mama's
Address: The Glories Square

La Naria
Address: Treasury Int. Hotel
Telephone: 3 20 60

Address: Rafael Marries Int. Hotel
Telephone: 3 07 39

Palmitas Cocktails
Address: Marina Blvd. and San Lucas Cape st.
Telephone: 3 52 20

La Taverna Bar
Address: The Glories Square Hotel
Telephone: 3 12 20

Caliente Race
Address: Marina Nautical Square Blvd.
Gambling House
Telephone: 3 28 66

Address: Marina Blvd.

Rio Grill
Address: Marina 31-A Blvd.
Telephone: 3 13 35

Pazzo's Cabo
Morelos and Niños Heroes st.
Telephone: 3 43 13

No Where Bar
Address: Plaza Bonita Mall
Telephone: 3 44 93


Sport Fishing

Buena Vista
Flota Rancho Leonero
Manager: Porfirio Gastelum.
Address: Domicilio Conocido
Telephone: 1-02-16

Flota Punta Colorada
Manager: Eduardo Goes Wormer Ruiz.
Address: Domicilio Conocido
Telephone: 1-02-08

Flota Buena Vista Beach Resort
Manager: Adolfo Target.
Address: I domicile Well-known.
Telephone: 1-00-33 fax: 1 00 53

Flota Rancho Buena Vista
Manager: Eduardo Hermosillo Sánchez N.
Address: Domicilio Conocido.
Telephone: 1-01-77 fax: 1-00-55

San José del Cabo
Victor's Aquatics
Manager: Victor Gutiérrez Vineshoot.
Address: Real Inn Int. Ht.
Telephone: 2-10-92
Fax: 2-10-93

San Lucas Capes
Picante Sport Fishing
Rafael flota
Manager: Rafael M. Covarrubias Zumaya
Address: N. MENDOZA #5 and OBREGÓN st.
Telephone: 3-00-18
Fax: 3-00-18

Baja Fishing
Flota Ursula
Manager: Olter Scholnick.
Address: Hidalgo at. and Marina Blvd.
Telephone: 3-12-64
Fax: 3-12-64

Flota Los Dorados.
Manager: Francisco Agúndez Castle.
Address: Marina Int. Ht. P. L. G. Blvd.
Telephone: 3-16-30
Fax: 3-06-30

Flota Garzas.
Manager: Graciela Treviño Heron.
Address: Condos Coromuel.
Telephone: 3-22-59
Fax: 3-41-65

Flota Las Gaviotas.
Manager: Oscar Vargas.
Address: Bahía Condo Hotel Suite 526
Telephone: 3-04-30
Fax: 3 04 97

Flota Juanita.
Manager: Francisco Bench mark Ruiz
Address: Karina L-1 Square
Telephone: 3-05-22
Fax: 3-05-22

Pisces Fleet Sport Fishing.
Manager: Marco Ehremberg S.
Address: Marina Blvd.n/n, P.O.Box137
Telephone: 3-12-88
Fax: 3-05-88

Amigos del Mar Los Cabos.
Manager: Ricardo Seville Leyva.
Address: Marina Blvd. and Solmar Av.
Telephone: 3-05-05
Fax: 3-08-87

Pesca Deportiva Solmar.
Manager: René Santacruz Tato.
Address: Marina Blvd.and Solmar Av
Telephone: 3-35-35
Fax: 3-04-10

Caravan Site

San José del Cabo
Brisa del Mar
Address: Km. 28 Highway SJD-CSL
Manager: Oscar Acosta

Space: 140
Telephone: 2-39-99, 2 39 99
Circuit T
Home: Km. 42 Highway SJD-CSL
Manager: Ma. Aisguro Núñez

Space: 12
San Lucas Cape
El Arco
Home: Highway SJD Km. 5.5
Manager: Jorge Agundez

Space: 80
Telephone: 3-16-86, 3-39-98
San Vicente
Home: Highway SJD Km. 3
Manager: Juana Arballo Arballo

Space: 30
Telephone: 3-07-12, 3 25 70
Faro Viejo
Manager: José H. Moraila Venus

Space: 26
Telephone: 3-05-61
Vagabundos del Mar
Address: Km. 3 Transpeninsular Highway.
Manager: José R. Arballo Arballo

Space: 95
Telephone: 3-02-90, 3-05-11



Golf Fields

San José del Cabo
San José Campo de Golf (FONATUR)
Director: C.P. Javier Espinoza M.
Address: San José del Cabo
Holes: 9
Partners: 88
Telephone: 2-09-05
Fax: 2-08-82
San Lucas Cape
Country Club Cabo San Lucas
Manager: Steve Dodson
Address Corridor Turist. SJD-CSL
Holes: 18
Partners: 320
Telephone: 3-46-53
Fax: 3-58-09

Manager: Bob Gaudet
Address: Km. 27.5 SJD-CSL
Holes: 18
Website: www.loscabosquerencia.com
Telephone: 5-66-00
Fax: 5-66-71

Cabo del Sol
Manager: Brad Wheatley
Address: Corridor Turist. SJD-CSL
Holes: 18
Website: www.cabodelsol.com.mx
Telephone: 5-82-00
Fax: 5-82-02

Cabo Real Golf Club.
Manager: Jaime Diague
Address: Corridor Turist. SJD-CSL
Holes: 18
Partners: 45
Website: www.caboreal.com
Telephone: 4-00-40/43
Fax: 4-02-43

Cabo Real Golf Club.
Manager: John Vauhan
Address: Corridor Turist. SJD-CSL
Holes: 18
Website: www.caboreal.com
Telephone: 4-54-51

Director: Bill Schaffer
Address: Corridor Turist. SJD-CSL
Holes: 27 Socios:100
Website: www.palmilla.com
Telephone: 4-52-50
Fax: 4-52-45



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